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I M Property Scans has a unique talent for being able to transform bricks and mortar into a captivating online Virtual Experience, using a 360 camera that can capture 360° Panoramic photos at a resolution of 12K (66-megapixels). With 


Photography Services

What’s Available

360° Panoramic Photography

Choose this service for your own collection of 360° Panoramic photos that capture the property in excellent detail. 
We perform 1-2 scans of each room depending on its size, capturing the exact condition of the property in a 360° panoramic so you can have a detailed view of the property.  I M Property Scans understands the importance of light and angles and has the experience to use those elements in creating stunning shots.


Photo Touch-Up

Included with all 360° Panoramic Scan Packages, you receive not only the Original photos that show the property condition but also Touched-Up versions for online advertising.

Online VirtualTours

A virtual walkthrough of the property is created using the 360° Panoramic scans, allowing you to move around the property, with key property features being marked by Info-tags. 

The VirtualTour is hosted online and can be embedded into your website or shared via a custom property link, providing an immersive property inspection on; 
- Phone
- PC
- Tablet
- VR Goggles


Online VirtualTour